Emerald Treatments

Treatments are applied to all Emerald Gemstone (Panna stone). This is the little known fact, that all the dealers are afraid to disclose it. They fear that it will reduce the price and value of the Emerald stone. All the Emerald gems have flaws in it. So treatment is done to remove these flaws in order to increase the price and value of the Emerald and also it increases the luster of Emerald. By this we are generally referring to anything that increases the value of a gemstone with artificial color-quality treatments. Following Treatments are done on Emerald –

  • Palm Resin.
  • Cedar Wood Oil.
  • Gematrat.
  • ExCel.

Treatments are applied to all Emerald Gemstones

Palm Resin

Palm Resign is also called Palma. It’s a type of oil like treatment which is used in place of  Cedarwood oil. This kind of treatment is not permanent because it leaves a milky white scraps. It has not been considered as an acceptable treatment, but still it is used


Cedar Wood Oil

Many years ago, Greeks started using colorless oils to improve the luster of Emerald taken from egypt. They people used to fill cracks in the Emerald with oil in order ot pass light through the gemstone. In modern era, colorless cedar wood oil is used from the last 4 decades. It is not permanent, but better to use. Most of the emeralds sold by Embassy Emeralds have been lightly treated with cedar wood oil.


Gematrat was a way to permanently treat Emeralds. This was applied to leave them in a stable finished. This procedure is called ‘gemstone branding’  which begins with a very soft cleaning of the stone. This procedure may take weeks or even months in some cases. The colorless Gematrat is used to fill the cracks in the Emerald.


Another Emerald treatment after Gematrat process is ExCel. This process is quite different from Gematrat because any kind of treatment and the appearance of many fakes that mimicked the tracer’s effect under ultraviolet light.