What is Gemstone Certification and why it is so important?

Gemstone certification means to evaluate a piece of gemstone on the basis of different quality parameter’s which have been established by gem industry to determine the quality and other characteristics of different gemstones. A gemstone expert has been appointed to subtly examine or measure the minor details of a stone and issue a detailed report based upon the conclusion of gemstone inspection.
The report, which is issued by a gemologist or gemstone expert is referred as certification report. A gemstone certification report incorporates all measurements of the characteristics of a stone evaluated by a trained gem expert.

Importance of Gem Certification:

The need of Emerald (Panna) gemstone certification arises due to the presence of a large number of fake gemstone dealers in the market who dodge their customers by selling them synthetic or fake gemstones. Thus, a gemstone lover should buy Emerald (Panna in Hindi) or other precious gemstones from establishing gem laboratory that will particularly examine in detail or description small details of gemstones such as its color, shape, chemical compositions and treatments.

On the basis of above to find a proper report is prepared which incorporates subtle details of a particular gemstone comprising its weight, carat, color, inclusion, treatments, shape, refractive index, beryllium treatment etc.

Hence, a gemstone certification report discloses minute details about an Emerald stone. Therefore, a user who wants to purchase an Emerald gemstone must opt for those dealers who offer gemstone certification along with gemstones.

A certified gemstone is examined by a trained gem expert who meticulously evaluates or inspects a particular stone on different parameters to judge the quality of stone. Hence, it is advised to buy certified Emerald gemstone because it is being analyzed by a trained gemstone expert thus stone succeeds on the quality parameter.