Caring for your Emeralds

An emeralds unique composition is responsible for its deep, beautiful green color. It is important to know that emeralds are delicate and its properties also make it sensitive to damage or removal of the oiling within the stones. Below is a jeweler’s guide for proper emerald care.

“The Wipe” – Before showing an emerald whether it be in a piece of jewelry or loose, it is important to give it a fresh wipe with a dust free wiping cloth. Wiping is the best way to clean the emerald, and can be done as many times as you like.

Note: A fresh wipe portrays the stones true color and brilliance as fingerprints and other inconsistencies affect the transparency of the emerald.  

Cleaning your Emerald Jewelry

Remove from Setting: To more thoroughly clean an emerald jewelry piece, it is always best to remove the emerald from the setting. Once the emerald is removed, thoroughly clean the setting and then reset the emerald.

                                                                                                 Wiping Cloth:

 The best way to clean an emerald, loose or in jewelry, is to wipe the emerald with a clean wiping cloth.