Aquamarine is the March birthstone. Named with the Greek word for seawater, Aquamarine sparkles like the sea. Our genuine Aquamarine is a bright medium-light blue with highlights of Aqua. They are flow less to the naked eye and beautifully faceted. It is the universal symbol of hope, health and youth. Wearing this stone is to enhance one’s personal power and help to project an aura of strength. It has been traditionally held as the Gem for the Nineteenth wedding anniversary.Aquamarine is available in all sizes for a reasonable prize.

Grading of Stones Available
AAA+ :- Super quality well cuttings, shapes, calibration, clean top color.
AA+ :- Medium color, clean and rest as per above.
A+ :- Light color, clean and rest as per above.
AAA+C :- Top color, small included as per above.
A+C :- Light color included.

Commercial all quality mix color included full no perfect shape and calibration.